Helpful Answers to FAQs!

We currently only mail postcards to 3 local neighborhoods: North Huntingdon (15642), Monroeville (15146), and Elizabeth area (15037). You can see all the specifics about the mailing dates here.

We sort the area by income and mail to the top 10,000 mailboxes by income.

Ad design is absolutely FREE! We simply will some of the basic information so that we can design the ad and adjust it until you are happy with the final result before we go to print.

As you might know, printing and postage can be very expensive. By grouping non-competing local businesses on the postcard, everyone shares in the cost to print and mail the postcards, greatly reducing the price for each individual business.

Direct mail is never cheap especially when you factor in design, printing, and the ever-rising postage rates. But direct mail has proven over and over again to be an excellent ROI (Return on Investment) for local business owners. Our giant postcards give you an AFFORDABLE option without having to compete for your customer's attention!

We highly recommend doing at least 3 mailings in a row. Repetition is key for a customer to remember your ad and service. Imagine if you saw a billboard once, would you be able to remember it? Businesses who do multiple mailings find better results because repetitive advertising WORKS!